Are you ready to embrace healthy eating without restrictions,
say goodbye to cravings and food guilt,
and have energy
to give to yourself and those you love?

Abigail Parker, NTP CEO, Nourished Revival
Nourished Revival


I used to think food was just calories. I used to struggle with constant sugar cravings, up and down energy, and random weight gain. Like most people, I would force myself to eat less and workout. I came to learn that what we eat directly affects how we feel. Everything we eat and drink can provide us different nutrients – food is so much more than calories! It gives us the power to take control of our health. In fact, I learned that what you eat now can affect your health years to come. It makes sense that everything adds up.

Through changing my own eating habits and learning to work with my body instead of against it, I stopped craving sugar, found all day energy, and quit battling my weight. There is no right or wrong way to eat. Instead, every symptom your body presents, like sugar cravings, is how it tells you that you aren’t eating in the way it needs.

You can find the freedom to enjoy the food you want to eat and know that you’re taking care of your health. My job is to help you create the healthy habits you’ve been missing, so that you can age optimally using food as a form of medicine.

My Guiding Principles

What You Can Expect From Me

Take Care of Yourself

You can be more present for work and family when you are better at taking care of yourself. My 3-month program is designed to make it easy for you to put yourself first, taking the pressure off.

Eat For Your Needs

It’s confusing trying to eat healthy, wondering what foods to eat and how to know if you’re doing the right thing. My results-driven assessment process takes away the guesswork so you enjoy the food you’re eating and feel confident you’re on the right path.


Trying to do everything at once leads to feeling overwhelmed and doing nothing. My step-by-step process keeps taking care of yourself simple, so that you can feel in control and maintain healthy habits long-term.

Before joining Food Freedom Blueprint, I struggled with weight gain and poor food consumption habits that developed during and after the pandemic. This led to fatigue, mental fogginess, frequent forgetting to eat meals, and a lack of balance in my diet, negatively impacting my psychological well-being.

The Food Freedom Blueprint program is comprehensive, with each step building upon the last. The program’s easy-to-follow nature and gradual pace allowed me to adapt and make changes smoothly over time. During our time together, I learned that small, incremental changes yield the best results and that I can significantly improve my gut health and overall well-being by adjusting my diet.

Since joining Food Freedom Blueprint, I’ve learned to create nutritionally balanced snacks and meals without obsessing over counting calories or adhering to a specific diet. Abigail educated me on healthy eating habits while fostering a judgment-free environment, even when I occasionally indulged in a cookie. She recommended an excellent hydration supplement to combat my fatigue and a different supplement that effectively addressed my restless leg issues.

For anyone on the fence about joining Food Freedom Blueprint, I assure them that Abigail’s approach is different from regular diet programs. Her system is tailored to each individual’s unique body and circumstances, which sets it apart from other programs that often fail to deliver lasting results.

Jason V.

Before I joined Food Freedom Blueprint, I was struggling with acid reflux, bloating, belching, could not sleep without sleep meds, joint pain.

I learned what certain foods do for my body, how to eat. The results I achieved are no acid reflux, no bloat, sleeping well without meds. Working with Abigail was very worth the money and the information.

Tracie K.

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