You’re ready to take control of your health this year. Healthy and happy – they go hand in hand. I want you to begin thinking about what you can add to your life to make it better. We lift ourselves up by focusing on how we can improve instead of shaming ourselves over what we feel we’ve done wrong. Remember change starts with you. Be bold to consider varying from the norm to find what allows you to live your best life. Use these 3 tips below to start making easy changes to improve how you feel each day and start to find that healthy and happy life you deserve.

1) Eat more whole foods

“What do I eat to be healthy?” The question seems never ending with so many diet trends out there to make you feel like you’re playing a guessing game of what exactly you should or shouldn’t be eating.

It really isn’t so complicated when you get straight to it, though. It’s time to look at food as more than just calories. The foods we eat provide the nutrients for our bodies to be able to function. Simply put, if you want to take control of your health, what you’re eating directly impacts how you feel.

Eat more whole foods. These are the foods with just 1 ingredient that don’t need an ingredients list. As an example, you can think about going to the store and grabbing bananas. Whole foods provide the most nutrients to allow you to feel your best.

2) Go natural

There are chemicals in our food, cleaning products, personal hygiene products – we are being overwhelmed by them. Our bodies are designed to detox and get rid of these products that we don’t need. However, our modern society has become such that we just can’t keep up anymore.

You can think of your detox system as a bucket. As it slowly fills, it can dump as needed to stay at a manageable level. When the water is pouring in, though, it can’t keep up and begins to overflow. To make an impact on how you feel each day, start making the change to natural products that allow your detox system (bucket) to keep up.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started. Buy organic foods when you can to avoid chemical pesticides. Switch to Branch Basics for an all-in-one cleaner and laundry detergent (click here for $10 off your first order). Swap out your deodorant for a natural one.

3) Slow down

When did we get in such a constant hurried state? We rush out of bed in the morning, eat really quick, blink, and there’s just an hour to relax before bed and do it all again tomorrow.

Stress takes a toll on how you feel. It doesn’t have to just be an emotional stress you notice but could be that headache that just won’t go away.

Take control of your health by taking time for you. Make sure you’re giving yourself the opportunity to relax and destress each day. This may look like reading a book or stretching before bed. You also need to eat slower. Your body isn’t getting the full benefit of the nutrients you’re eating when you’re not taking the time to chew your food. And a final tip is to breathe. Remember your breath is life and the thing you can always come back to.

Your health begins and ends with you. When you’re ready to take control of your health, it means taking control of your life. Be the person you can count on.

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